Jul 19, 2010

Matt at Work: Chrisisms

Day 261

Last night Kristy and I were unwinding and watching some episodes of the Office. I really like that show it often times reminds me of the time when I worked in an office. The DVD's of the show are fantastic and the deleted scenes are so good and we wonder why they have been cut from the episode in the first place.

Last night we watched the episode from Season 5 where Michael and Dwight go on a mission undercover to find a local competitor and scope them out. Micheal gets more then what he bargains for when he gets his competitor's top client list. One of the funniest moments comes from the deleted scenes. Michael comments that it is a dog-eat-dog world and that he is a shark. And then he says he is a shark that eats dog-e-dog. Obviously he thinks dog-eat-dog is said dog-e-dog.

I think I would have had an easier time working for Michael Scott than I did with my other bosses.

And that moment instantly took me back to my last employment. We had a boss that did this sort of thing all the time. Our department would get together in our meetings and just laugh at what we called "Chrisisms".  He had two that were particularly memorable.

"You can't kick a gift horse in the mouse." I don't know what he thought that really means. All I know is that it almost made my boss lose it in an important meeting.

"But that is just a mute point." I wish I was there to hear that one. Actually I am glad that I wasn't there for that. He would have fired me right then and there for laughing. So he thinks that is a silent point? Maybe he is just telling us to shut up in a nice way. But really if he wanted all of us to shut up he would have plainly said it.

And that is what made these even better. He had a certain mentality that made him superior to the rest of us. I heard him say that there was a difference between managers and everyone else. But in his eyes we were all lesser than he.

That makes the Office such a great show. It does imitate real behavior. But I think I would actually like Michael and his quirks.


  1. This post cracked me up! Hilarious! Your boss sounds like some people I've known in my life - they act superior, but then they say the stupidest things and defy you if you try to correct them! Love "The Office", too!

  2. I hear "mute" point all the time... We are currently on Season 3 and watch about 5 episodes every night because we can't stop. Makes for a late, late night, but most enjoyable.

  3. I can't even say that now without saying "mute". I have to think through it to get it right. We've made fun of it so much.