Jul 13, 2010

World Cup Review

Day 255

Sarah, a friend of mine from England poised the question "So has the World Cup made any of you not interested in football before more interested?"

I think that it helped that we had a friendly competition by drafting teams and facing off with friends. It definitely made me pay more attention than I normally would have. For the dumb picks that I made, (next time I will pay more attention to my picks) I didn't think I did too bad. And it was fun to watch some of the matches. I didn't catch all the games I wanted and I have to admit that I wasn't feeling it during the England/US game. I liked the heavy drama but the ending seemed very anti-climatic. It just seems to me that for the last 5 minutes or so all the players were playing for the tie. There just didn't seem any attitude or determination to go for the win.

I didn't do that bad. In fact my friend predicted that I would take 8th overall

But the next few games were more exciting and I can see why people get such a kick (bad pun fully intended) out of the World Cup.


Next time the World Cup comes around I am sure I will catch a few matches even if I am not part of some competition pool. I still consider myself to be more of a casual fan than a hardcore fan but it is still early and that may change. I have family (and fellow bloggers) that are soccer fans and they go to Real Salt Lake games and now I am more libel to go to one of those too.

So the answer is yes. I am more interested in soccer and that will continue to grow. I don't think it will ever replace my obsession with football or hockey but I can definitely see it getting stronger.


  1. I love that picture!

    I ate 4 candy bars yesterday...

  2. My sister-in-law, Erin, has a sister who plays on a high school Varsity soccer team, and I've been to a couple of the game; it's actually a lot of fun to watch. By the way, great post on the World Cup!

  3. yea!!! I swear there is nothing like watching a game in person. There is a feeling from the crowd that just doesn't come across on the television.You must make it to a ReAl game soon.