Jul 3, 2010

Random Ramblings

Day 245

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday Colleen!

This morning we all went out to breakfast at Angie's. I tried something new today, I got the Broccoli and Jack omelet. It had broccoli and Monterrey jack cheese smothered in Hollandaise sauce. It was so tasty. There is nothing like eating out for breakfast! I was going to go out for a run after breakfast since I skipped out Thursday but I instead decided to walk home from Angie's. It really isn't that far from home and it was nice and cool. And if I walk home now I don't have to squeeze in exercise sometime this afternoon.

I forgot that summer also brings about another one of my guilty pleasures. Otter Pops! Man, I can down a whole box within a day or so. Nothing beats Otter Pops on a nice sunny day. We bought a box on my birthday and already I have only about ten left and so Kristy went out to get another box. She couldn't find the Otter Pops but she came home with a Marvel Super Squad box of freezies.

mmmm.... Popsicles...

 I am a little leery of knockoffs but I will say that these were really good! They had cherry, tropical and creme soda flavors and I will say that the creme soda and cherry flavors make it worth getting them. They were the same price but the freezies were a bit smaller. I think I am already down half a box and we just got them yesterday!

Logan got a new bike today and he is quite the happy camper. The new bike came right at the perfect time considering his last bike blew up!

Look how happy he is!

Last night we met up with Kristy's family and went to see the fireworks. It was such a nice evening, it wasn't hot but then it wasn't cold out either. And of course, I forgot my camera.

Later this evening we are heading over to Jessica's birthday party. My niece was really born on the 4th of July but they are celebrating it today. It should be a fun time.

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  1. Otter Pops!! Yum!! I am so craving them right now! My favorite flavors were grape and lime! Dang, I want some now! And I totally agree with you about being a little wary of the "knock-offs".