Jul 25, 2010


Day 267

Kristy left this evening to go to a fireside with some of the Young Woman in our church group leaving Logan and I home by ourselves.

Normally we eat treats and play Mario Kart but tonight we played Tanks with his marbles. My dad taught me this game and actually taught Logan how to play too. All you need for Tanks is a bunch of marbles and one larger marble (like a Boulder). We couldn't find a larger marble so we used a golf ball.  You take a bunch of marbles and set them up in groups of four.

A view from my side of the battlefield looking at Logan's.

You set up your army of tanks on one side of the room and your opponent sets his up on the other side. You use three for the legs and a marble on top for the head. You can set up as many tanks as you want. We usually do between seven and ten. Then you secretly choose a captain without letting your opponent know.

My Captain. He's special because of his head.

An helicopter view of my team. And yes, I was making helicopter sounds.

Then the battle begins! You take turns rolling the larger marble at your opponent's tanks until there is one team standing. If you kill the Captain, you get a bonus roll. If you accidently knock down your own guy during gameplay, he is dead. If he falls down because you didn't set him up good enough, he is dead. You can knock more than one down at a time. If a tank falls because it was hit by a tank's "body parts" he is dead. And of course, you can make up any other rules you want.

Here is Logan taking a shot. You can barely see the golf ball at the lower left.

Logan is a little over-dramatic. I just killed his last-standing tank. Knocked the head clean off!


It is quite a simple game but one that I could play for hours. Logan is quickly picking up the game though and will soon challenge his old man.


  1. What a great idea for a game! Very creative and clever (and a lot of fun, too!)

  2. Awesome!!! I love it... you are such a good dad!

  3. I loved playing this when we were young!

  4. This sounds like such a fun game. One I will definitely remember to use. Thanks for the idea.

  5. I'm glad you can't see the ants on the floor in the close up.