Jul 30, 2010

Pic of the Week: Comic Book Logan

Day 272

I have not done a Pic of the Week blog post in months. Unfortunately my camera fell into the river and has passed on. Part of me is happy since it gives us an excuse to buy a better camera but it leaves us in a lurch since we have no camera at the moment and probably won't get one until later this week.

I was looking through all of our pictures looking for a topic to blog about and found a bunch of Logan reading my comic books and thought they would be fun to blog about.

I have to be a cool dad. How many dads out there have thousands of comics in their house? The older Logan gets the more of my comics he gets to read. And I have a ton load he can start off with. When I wrote for a comic book blog a few years back, I used Logan in some of my pics.

Logan is an Alan Davis fan in waiting. Why not start him with some of the best comics out there?

The comic Secret Wars II will go down as one of the WORST comic story lines. Logan is shocked that I paid $50 for this hardcover collecting the entire series. If he only knew that it retails for $100. And yes, it is not a great story but it came out when I first started reading comics so it has a heavy nostalgic factor.

One of my favorite characters, one of my favorite writers and my favorite artist. So this must be my most favorite hardcover right? Logan agrees, it is awesome!

My comic book friends make fun of me because I almost have a complete run of Quasar. A very cheesy superhero. But sometimes the cheese is the best part, you know, like on a pizza. Logan is totally mocking me in this pic.

There are two things wrong with this picture. One, I would never let Logan drink a full can of Mountain Dew Livewire. And 2nd, I wouldn't let him read Watchmen. At least not until he is much older. He totally faked this picture looking like he was really enthralled by the book. It is one of the best graphic novels but not one for looking to read comics like Superman.

Logan is such a sport. Here he is posing with my favorite comic book character and X-Man (and will be in the new X-Men movie) Banshee. I was so excited for a Banshee action figure but was so disappointed in how stupid he looks.

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  1. Like father, like son...that's so cool that Logan is following in your footsteps. You really are a cool dad! P.S. Logan should have been the model for the Banshee figure! He gives a better expression!