Jul 14, 2010

From the Soapbox: Apples to Limes

Day 256

I don't care for apples. I hate apple juice, I don't like apple sauce. I don't eat raw apples very often either. And I don't care for apple flavored candy at all. In fact I despise apple candy.

So I just avoid apples, it is as simple as that. But what really drives me insane is that slowly apples are replacing other candy fruit flavors, in particular lime flavored candies. And the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
  • One of my favorite candies are SweetTarts. In 2001, Nestl√© replaced the original lime with green apple.
  • The original lineup of Runts included banana, orange, cherry, strawberry, and lime. In the late nineties, the lime was removed and replaced by apple.
  • Bottlecaps used to have a lemon-lime flavor that was more lime than lemon. But it was phased out as well. Thank goodness it was replaced by cherry. But the lime-hate continues!
  • Starbursts used to have a lime candy and then was combined with lemon to make lemon-lime. I cannot prove that those were replaced by apple like the other two but let the record show that apple-flavored Starbursts are available and lime ones are not.
  • Skittles still have a lime flavored candy but I don't know how long that will last. Green apple replaced lime in the United States for a brief time in 2001, as part of a promotion. In some other varieties of Skittles, apple is found to be plentiful but lime gets the shaft.
  • Lifesavors had a fantastic green lime flavor that was discontinued in 2003. Lemon, orange and lime lifesavors were replaced in the United States by raspberry, watermelon, and blackberry. At least lime was not replaced by apples but still. Eventually orange made a comeback but where is the lime?
  • TicTac's have a nice lime flavor mixed with orange TicTac's. I just visited their website looking for more information about them and was going to pimp them out as one of my favorite lime candies and guess what? Lime is no longer listed as a flavor. But take a wild guess at what new flavor has been announced. APPLE TICTAC'S!

Lime is an outsider. No one wants it.

So what is wrong with lime?  Why does the candy world in particular hate lime?

Lime or Apple Candy?

So I will let my audience decide. Do you like Lime or Apple candy?

There is still one candy that has not changed yet. Mike and Ike's still have lime included in their candy. They also have a variety that includes green apple.
So this candy has learned to co-exist with each other. Why can't all candy learn to do that? Isn't there room for both apples and limes?


  1. I don't like apple either... in fact, you almost got apple aero bars, apparently they are also in a green wrapper!

    I think I hate watermelon flavored things more than apple though...

    I am kidding on the aero thing... but you weren't a bit surprised were you?

  2. I am your polar opposite on this... I like the apple flavored candy unless it's sour apple. Starburst jellybeans are my favorite apple flavored ones. But I was completely unaware of how lime is getting shafted. That sucks. Poor lime! :(

  3. You and I really are "soul cousins" because I also hate every apple-flavored candy, especially the Starburst jellybeans. The green ones (not lime-flavored, unfortunately)gross me out and I am quick to get rid of them. I love lime and think it is unfair that it has been phased out of so many candies!

  4. I'm having a hard time voting because I like apple flavored candy, but I also like lime. One flavor I could do without, lemon!

  5. AGREED 100% - I don't know what marketing moron decided that lime is passe but I hate them whoever they are.

  6. AGREE 1000% . I want my lime candy. It bothers me most because I see green candy and my brain says "Lime". I bite into it and its apple. I love apples. Dislike apple candy. I love watermelon. Dislike watermelon candy.

    Oh. and skittles finally joined the bandwagon. Green is now apple.

  7. I'm with you Matt! I'm not a fan of apple flavored anything, except I do like the sour apple Now and Laters, but that's it. I've missed my lime flavored Starbursts for many years and never understood why they stopped making them. They were my favorite flavor in Starbursts. I ask the same questions. Why did they oust the limes? I want them back. If I could, if it were an options, I'd buy bags of Starburst that had only limes in it. That's how much I loved them.