Apr 27, 2010

The Dew Off

Day 178

I gave my fellow blogger Andrea a mission a week ago and like an awesome soldier she is, she and her husband came through. As you know, I am a big soda drinker with Mountain Dew being my favorite. Recently Mountain Dew came out with 3 new flavors but Cache Valley has yet to get the flavors. So I asked Andrea and Steve to find me some of the new Dew. Smith's had a great sale and she was able to pick up the new flavors along with Mountain Dew LiveWire (another Mountain Dew flavor not available in Logan). So I was one happy camper! So we met at Red Robin in Layton for dinner and to drop off the goods. And a big thanks to Steve for introducing me to that wrap!

Last night for a family activity we decided (well, I was in charge) to have a Mountain Dew Taste-Off. I had all the other flavors at my house except for the two game flavors that are still available. But I didn't like those all that much anyway. So we each tasted one of the seven Dews and ranked them.

Here are the flavors we tested:

Logan can't keep his Dew. All the caffiene and carbination made him burp.

Kristy and Logan couldn't decide without testing them again and again and again.

Ranking these Dews is like ranking my children. I love them all so much!

But after a few rounds we made our decisions. It might had to do with our tummies feeling a little sick and bloated. But here are the results!

Logan's Winners:
1st Distortion (lime)
2nd Whiteout (citrus)
3rd Code Red (cherry)
4th Voltage (raspberry)
5th LiveWire (orange)
6th Typhoon (tropical)
7th Classic
Kristy's Winners:

1st Voltage (raspberry)
2nd Typhoon (tropical)
3rd Distortion (lime)
4th LiveWire (orange)
5th Code Red (cherry)
6th Whiteout (citrus)
7th Classic
Matt Winners:

1st LiveWire (orange)
- I could drink a ton of this stuff. Good thing it is not readily available here.
2nd Classic
- You just can't go wrong with the Classic hard stuff. None of that Diet crap either.
3rd Voltage (raspberry)
- It tastes just like raspberry lemonade only with a kicker.
4th Typhoon (tropical)
I used to love the Tropical Punch Gatorade and this tastes just like it.
5th Whiteout (citrus)
It is like Fresca and Mountain Dew.
6th Distortion (lime)
I was so disappointed in this. I was hoping for more sweet like Lime Crush but got that hard lime flavor that the Lime Coke used to have.
7th Code Red (cherry)
I still like this and will drink it once in awhile but it gives me major heartburn.

Logan and I were almost exact opposites. My bottom 3 were in his top 3. After we finished I could swear that you can hear all the Dew swishing around in my gut. Logan was so full, I don't think has drank that much soda in one sitting. Suddenly he yells out "I'm going to get some out!" At first I couldn't understand what he was saying but then I saw that he was heading to the bathroom. Kid can't handle his Dew!

Voltage (raspberry) was the family favorite while the vote for the least favorite Dew was the Classic. Kids just don't have any respect for the classics.

This might have cured me of my Mountain Dew addiction. Drinking a Dew right not does not sound so good.


  1. What a clever, witty blog entry! Well done!! I'm probably going to catch heat for stating this, but I am not a fan of Mountain Dew (GASP! Please stop using the FORCE on me - I can't breathe!)...Anyway, I have to admit that your blog entry actually got me craving to try these new flavors of Mountain Dew. FYI: I suspect that my favorite would be LiveWire.

  2. I'm glad I got to help make family night happen. And to have possibly cured you of your Dew addiction. I do what I can :)

  3. LW's over by my house has all three flavors...