Apr 3, 2010

Logan and the Aggies

Day 153

Last night we went out as a family to the Future Aggie Athlete benefit dinner sponsored by Utah State University. This was aimed at kids in elementary school and get them to try out various sports taught by Aggie athletes.

Logan had a lot of fun trying out the different sports and did much better than I thought he would. He can be a shy kid and I was a little worried that he wouldn't participate as much as I wanted him to but he proved wrong.

The first station we went to was soccer. He was taught how to dribble and kick the ball but his favorite was using his head to score a goal. I think the girls that were running the station were having just as good of a time as the kids were. They were really cute with Logan, I overheard them say how cute he was. He must take after his dad.

The next station he had a choice of either gymnastics or hockey. I would have loved for him to try gymnastics but I was more proud that he chose hockey. There he learned how to handle the puck (it was a tennis ball) how to pass and of course how to shoot. The stick was a little big for him but that didn't stop him from doing slap shots.

But I was really proud of Logan when they announced the next station, football. I looked over and he pumped his fist and said YES! There he learned how to carry the ball, throw a spiral, run a route and catch the ball and defend. Logan has never been one to catch the ball (think of George Michael on Arrested Development) but he tried his hardest to catch the ball and caught it a couple of times. He even scored a touchdown with a little girl hanging on to him trying to bring him down. He didn't stiff arm her he just twirled his way into the end zone.

The next station was his favorite. He loved volleyball which took Kristy and I by surprise. He did very well bumping the ball in the air. It was cute to see him beam when the girl he was working with gave him five for doing it right.

The last station was basketball. I felt bad for Logan since the ball is so big and heavy but he really tried hard to shoot the ball. He did make a basket (where he gave a double fist pump) against one of the Aggie girls. He asked them to show him an alley-oop and they did just for him.

Afterwards we had a dinner catered by Cafe Sabor (tasty) and had a raffle. Kristy won a $20 gift certificate so she could buy some Aggie gear. He also got his own t-shirt. He had a fantastic and fun night. The Aggie athletes really made a positive impact on him and I thought they did very well.

Logan pumping his fist having a good time.

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