Apr 25, 2010

Sunday Confessional: No Sunday Blogging

Day 176

I just barely fixed my stupid computer.

I had a ton of things I wanted to do this morning before church. I had e-mails to send out, I still have some scripting that I need to catch up on and I wanted to get this blog out before it was too late. I still have dinner, a visit to some neighbors and a Jazz game to complete tonight.

Sundays are hard for me to get my blogging done and I think I am going to change this.
After I am done with my complete 356 day blogging journey, I am going to continue doing it. But I am going to retire Sunday blogging. I will continue to do daily blogging except on Sundays.

On days like these, where computer crap happens, I cannot wait until future days like these, where I don't have to worry about blogging.

Think of today of like a preview of what is to come and we will see you tomorrow.

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