Apr 20, 2010

Please Help! I have Minesweeper Addiction

Day 170

Hello. My name is Matt and I have a Minesweeper problem.

I cannot stop playing that stupid game. Even when I defeat a board, I have to go back and start again. And the problem has steadily become worse.

Now when I should be writing or blogging, I am instead playing Minesweeper.  Today is a perfect example. I should be writing my script and putting up a blog but instead I am playing with my addiction.

I have defeated every board from Beginner to Expert.  My best time in Expert is 195 seconds. And I almost beat that time yesterday. It came down to guessing with only 3 mines left and I guessed wrong. Frustrated, I closed the game and tried to get into writing but a few minutes later I was playing it again.

Can someone help me with this? I really need to stop playing this game.

Did you know that they are making a movie based on this game? Take a look at the trailer! (Unfortunately I cannot get it to resize on the blog so you are going to have to check the link) Minesweeper Trailer

I love that trailer. Only those that are obsessed with that game really get the trailer.

Anyway, I better get back to writing, playing Minesweeper.

ERNIE UPDATE: Sunday while writing about Ernie the Cat, I introduced him to Logan and they hit it off tremendously. Looks like Ernie is back! Logan and I are absolutely thrilled!

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