Apr 12, 2010

Where Do You Stand?

Day 162

I hate it when I sit down to blog and all I do is stare at the screen with a blank look on my face. I hate it when I have a blog topic that I want to write about but it ends up being a long blog and then I lose interest so I quit. Now I am back to square one again. Just staring...

Today is definitely one of those days. I have been trying to blog for the last hour or so. And the only thing that is coming to mind are urinals.


Let me explain myself. A couple of years ago I was listening to a radio program in the morning as I was taking Kristy to work. The host whose name was Tom had just installed a urinal in his garage and the rest of the crew made fun of him because of it. Then a couple of nights ago Kristy and I were watching the Marriage Ref and found a guy that wanted to install a urinal in his home. And everybody made fun of him for it.

I don't need anything fancy. This Kohler Bardon style works just fine.

Let me tell you, in my dream home we would definitely have a urinal in our garage. I think it is a wonderful idea. It would be private so no one would see you pee unless they were standing behind you. And it would be cleaned regularly. If I was outside playing or doing some yard work and I had to take a leak, why come into the house when I could use the urinal in the garage? Little boys would love to use it too considering they hold on till the very last minute to pee. Do you want them running into the house, tracking in dirt and mud to go to the bathroom when they could just pee in the garage? If I am working on the car do I need to wash up to use the bathroom? NO! Just use the urinal in the back!

Now I would have just a simple urinal. None of those trough-style urinals which I find creepy. Only one person could and should use it at a time. And nothing like this one!

So urinals... ...where do you stand?


  1. I say that episode, it was so funny. My stand? Go for it!

  2. Justin's cousin just had their 4th little boy. They are installing one in their garage...

  3. We saw that marriage ref too! As long as it's in the garage and not a gigantic flower, I think it could be acceptable.

  4. Well first of all I don't stand, I sit. A urinal in the garage is an interesting idea, but what's next a bidet in the shed?

  5. LOL I come to have a nosey at the blog as I haven't popped by for weeks and find this! Brilliant! And hey what's wrong with a urinal in the garage, it's not anything different from us having an outhouse with a toilet in really is it?