Apr 19, 2010

Star Wars Kid

Day 169

Being born in 1974 means that you are automatically a Star Wars fan. My dad took me to see the movie after him and Jennifer went to see it. And I have been a fan ever since.

I grew up in the golden era of toys. I had tons of Star War toys growing up. I had a couple of favorite Star Wars toys that I played with ALL the time. One of my favorite toys was the Death Star playset. It was huge! It had three floors and the famous garbage disposal. I would love to rebuild it after crashing it down.

Another one of my favorite toys was the AT-AT. The best of this toy was that you can put your hand inside and manipulate the head. And I also had a smaller metal version of the Snow Speeder so I could reanact the Hoth battle.
For a kid that almost had every Star Wars toy I could be a little difficult to shop for. My Aunt Margo wanted to get me something special but she didn't know what Star Wars toys I had a the time so she gave me this:
And I still use them. In fact, sipping soda out of that Empire Strikes Back mug is one of my favorite past times. I never put those dishes in the dishwasher, they need to be hand washed so they are not damaged. I never drink anything hot out of it either. And no one, I mean NO ONE is allowed to drink out of that mug but me.

Ahhh... memories.

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  1. Man, oh, man am I jealous of you for having "The Empire Strikes Back" bowl and mug!! Sweet! Great blog entry; coincidentally, I just watched all 6 episodes of Star Wars over the past week! There's nothing better than Star Wars!