Apr 24, 2010

Soccer Days

Day 175

Hopefully Spring/Summer is really here and not fooling itself. I know that calendar-wise, Spring should already be here and since Logan has started soccer, it should officially be here. But then on the first day of practice, it snowed. And then a few days later at his game, I got sunburned. Welcome to the crazy spring weather of Utah. Hot one moment and freezing the next!

Last year Logan played soccer and he had a good time but I don't think he really learned anything except that he should kick the soccer ball and not touch it with his hands. He also learned that the goals switch sides at the half and that he wears different colors for home and away games but I think that is really all he learned. Kindergarten soccer is like watching a cloud of mosquitoes following each other.

This year has already been a little different. We have had only one practice and Logan went to his 4th game this afternoon. And he is playing with a bunch of kids from the 2nd grade that know what they are doing and I think Logan gets a little lost. The first game his coach asked him what position he wanted to play, defender or forward and Logan had no idea what he was talking about. Usually after his coach gives him a position or some instructions, I bring Logan over to give him some further explaination. But he is getting it. The coach must like him because he plays most of the games and rarely sits out.

Logan is using his two hands to talk to each other while the game is going on. I hope they are at least talking about the game.

The other thing I have noticed about Logan this year is that he doesn't hang around his parents when he is not playing. He will come between quarters so he could drink some water but that is it. He would rather hang around his coach and teammates. And he has manned up a bit too. In the first game he took a nasty blow to the face. Another kid kicked it right into his face, I mean it really cracked him hard. At first he just grabbed his face but continued to run on. Kristy and I yelled at him to keep going, we didn't want to make a big deal about it. And he ran for about 2 seconds before he started to cry a bit. But he didn't run to us, he ran to his coach and then came over to us. But he was only with us for about 2 seconds too. Once he had a drink and realized he was going to live, he ran to join his teammates and got right back in the game.  The next game he got kicked right in the gut and he lost his breath but he went to his coach who swatted him on the back to make him breathe. I went over there and in about two seconds he was better and ready to get back in the game. I guess when the game is on the line, he really can take it like a man!

I think Logan gets the duties of defender and forward mixed up. But he did have a good clear out while being defender.

He has a real good team this year and Logan is quite excited to be winning all the time. His team is 4-0. Logan just needs to learn to be a little more aggressive and go after the ball more. But I expect that he will get more used to it as time goes on. I can tell already that all the ball players including Logan have learned quite a bit in this short amount of time.

The kids like to cheer at the end of the game because they know a treat is coming up.


  1. I laughed out loud at the picture with Logan having a hand conversation... I love it!!! :)