Apr 21, 2010

Never Say Never Again!

Day 172

Tomorrow will mark the end of the longest part of the off-season for the NFL. Tomorrow night is the NFL Draft and soon after training camp starts and before you know it, the NFL Preseason is here and suddenly it is the start of a new season.

Luckily for me the off-season has been pretty exciting being a New York Jets fan. We have had some pretty big trades and signings and the Jets will be part of HBO's Hard Knocks series. The NFL also released the schedule last night and the Jets have the most Prime Time games. I know I say it every year but THIS COULD BE THE YEAR!

But then the Jets announced something that I thought I never would hear. Much bigger than Brett Favre signing with the team which was HUGE for me since I am a big Brett fan. Anything is possible in the world of the NFL but I still couldn't believe the Jets headline of yesterday.

It made me throw up a little in my mouth. Actually it made me throw up a lot in my mouth.



I respect Taylor's abilities but I cannot stand him. I hate Jason Taylor, he is one the few players that I can say that I absolutely cannot stand. Not only did he play for our most hated rivals, the Miami Dolphins but he has also said things about my team that makes me want to wish nothing but harm on him. This is the guy that said "Jets fans take the 'c-l' out of class."  He has also said "A bunch of them chanting their dumb-ass chant and all that other stuff, being the ignorant fans they are."  I do feel like I still have the last laugh because of the Monday Night Miracle where he was talking so much trash and then cried like a baby when his team lost.

And now he is a New York Jet.

I don't know whether to boo him or not.

All I can is Never Say Never Again! Anything can happen in the NFL.

On a side note, I will boo Ben Roethlisberger. He is LUCKY that the NFL only suspended him for 6 games. He is LUCKY that there was not enough physical evidence that they could not convict him. I used to have respect for him and appreciated his talent but now he is tainted and it will take a lot of work for him to build that respect back. I do applaud the NFL for suspending him.


  1. Yeah, I haven't like Roethlisberger since he got in that motorcycle accident without wearing a helmet!! :P

  2. I love the picture!

    Steve is also counting down to the draft. Every night for the past week I have gotten an update on how many days and hours until it starts. I guess I know what you'll be doing on Thursday night :)