Apr 2, 2010

List-Mania: Simpson Episodes

Day 152

I love the Simpsons. Anybody that knows me knows that I love the Simpsons. I quote the Simpsons so many times a day that it edges on pathetic. Kristy knows the Simpsons extremely well too, we can look at something that reminds us of the Simpsons and we both will quote it.

In fact we own at least seven different Simpson games including Simpsons Chess which is something I will introduce to Logan on Spring Break.

Back in the day, I made about twenty volumes of VHS tapes that I called the Simpsons Masters. I would record the Simpsons off of TV and cut out the commercials as much as I could. Kristy and I would watch them for hours and hours. Then when DVD's hit the market, I purchased Season One even before I owned a DVD player! Now they have reached the twelfth season on DVD and I am proud to say that I own each one of them. The Simpsons were gold in those early seasons but lost most of their magic in later seasons even though their still were a few hidden gems to be found. So here are my Top 5 Favorite Simpson Episodes of all-time from Seasons 1-12.

5) Three Men and a Comic Book (Season 2)
The comic book collector in me geeks out with this episode. In this episode, Bart finds an original issue of Radioactive Man #1 for sale at a comic book store. He convinces Martin and Milhouse to combine their money to buy the comic, only to lose it due to their selfishness and inability to share. Being a comic book collector I really appreciated what they did here. The Wonder Years parody they did here was classic.

4) Mayored to the Mob (Season 10)
This episode also has a comic book connection as Homer protects Mark Hamil from a vicious mob at a comic book convention. Homer is then appointed to become Mayor Quimby's bodyguard. Homer then discovers that the mob is selling rat's milk to the town's schools and the mayor's life is placed in jeopardy. Luke be a Jedi tonight! makes me laugh every time.

3) Behind the Laughter (Season 11)
This is a direct ripoff (homage) to another favorite television show, VH1's Behind the Music and they did it perfectly. You get to see the real Simpsons family and how fame almost destroyed the family. The whole episode is just perfect.

2) Treehouse of Horror V (Season 6)
Every Halloween Kristy and I try to watch all of the Treehouse of Horror episodes. Each one of them is just so fantastic but this one stands out the most. So much that I love about this episode. All of Season Six is exceptional but this episode is the most memorable. From the The Shinning to Time And Punishment to Nightmare Cafeteria they are all gold. I laugh loudly every time I see Homer scare himself in the mirror in The Shinning.

1) Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4)
Dental Plan! This to me is the perfect Simpsons episode. Homer becomes the new union leader at the Nuclear Power Plant after disputing Burn's new contract. And they go on strike. I quote this all the time and I have been known to suddenly yell out Dental Plan! That and the Mr. Burns/Grinch moments are my favorites. Ooh and the Beatles-esque trip Lisa takes. And oh yeah, when Homer thinks Mr. Burns is coming on to him and... ...trust me, this episode is awesome.

Now I want to go watch the Simpsons.

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  1. You march right back to that school, look them in the eye, and say don't eat me! Classic advice.