Apr 6, 2010

One Last Easter... One Final Episode...

Day 156

Yesterday was a fantastic day. It was filled with food, chocolate, cards and the sad end to one of my favorite shows. But more on that later.

Yesterday we celebrated Greek Easter with Grandpa Platis and Grandma Pauline and family. And it was a nice time. There was a ton of yummy Greek food including fresh Feta cheese, Kalamata olives and spread, baskets and baskets of bread, red peppers, more cheese, Spanakopita, and Dolmades.

So much food and I downed it with so much soda. After we ate we played Old Bob, which is a family favorite card game and ate Creme eggs. It was such a nice day.

Then we came home and put Logan to bed and we watched the Season Finale of Celebrity Fit Club: Bootcamp. I love the last episode because they show how fat they were and they shrink down to their current size. Watching this show does motivate me to continue to watch what I eat and exercise. Some of these celebrities lost up to 30 pounds! It is also neat to see their personality change, they are much happier and they know it.

The Blue Team won and I am very happy that they did. They deserved it. And I am glad that Jay won the individual prize because he deserved that. Aside from Char, Nicole and Bobby definitely cost their team the victory.

Sebastian Bach was my favorite team member. He had to be the funniest one there and the one I would want to hang out with. Sadly, my crush on Nicole Eggert took a huge hit by watching this show. And it has nothing to do with her weight. She was fake and was not very nice and I don't like her anymore. She also had excuses for everything and denied any help feeling that she was right. I am so glad that Harvey called her out at the end. But I had to admit that the best moment of the season finale is when K-Fed manned up. Now I am not into celebrity gossip and I had no idea what his story was before. But I am extremely proud that he owned up and admitted he was selfish. We waited all season for this and I am glad he took that step. It takes a big man to own up to being selfish and it takes a bigger man to apologize.

I am totally gushing about this show aren't I?

I will end it with with favorite moment during this season provided by Sebastian.

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  1. I got a little misty-eyed with the whole Kevin/Shar thing. What in the world am I going to do on Monday nights now!?!?! So sad this show is over!