Apr 10, 2010

List-Mania: The NES

Day 160

I think I grew up at the right time in life. Especially when it comes to video games. I was around to witness the birth of the Atari 2600 (you can see my blog about that here. Gaming went away and when I was entering middle school it made a HUGE comeback with the Nintendo Entertainment System and I begged and begged to get one and I finally got one for my birthday.

Looking back, I think I played this game system more than I should have and my grades are proof of that. But I have fond memories of playing the Nintendo late in the night. I used to love to trade games with my friends and my cousin Josh or rent them from the local Maverick and Video Store. I also remember getting together with a bunch of kids in our neighborhood and getting all our systems and televisions together and playing all night. A precursor to my Madden Fests.

I sold my Nintendo years ago on eBay (and made quite a profit!) to a guy attending BYU. At times I regret it since that game system was so much fun to play. But the couple of hundred I made was something I needed more at the time.

So here are my favorite NES games.

Seeing those old golden cartridges really makes me nostalgic. I played this game for hours trying to find all those Magic and Heart containers. I don't think I would have defeated this game without looking through those gamer magazines. I still hate those Blue Knights.

4) GOLGO 13
I hated this game at first but when I began to figure out the controls it became one of my favorites. You played agent Golgo 13, an assassin and you went around killing people and figuring out who the DREK empire is. It was quite the mature game for its time since it contained blood, sex and smoking, something not seen in games. The sequel had far better graphics but this game had the better story. Just replace DREK with NAZI and you were fighting Nazis.

Speaking of Nazis, you got to fight them here too even though they were not named Nazis. I used to play the arcade game version at L.D.'s Cafe in Richmond and I couldn't wait to try this one out for the NES. It was way different but much, much better. You would travel from map to map communicating with your allies and eavesdropping on your enemies. And swinging on a bionic arm like Spider-Man. This was one of the few games that didn't offer a "jump" button. You would have to swing around instead. A lot more fun.

People claim that Super Mario 3 is the better game but I felt this one was the best. The graphics and game play were superior to the first one and the fact that you could play 4 different characters certainly made this game more charming. And the main enemies were cool and the ending cannot be beat. I got so good at this that I rarely lost one life.

Before there was Madden, there was this nifty NFL game. The best part of this game aside from 8 different plays (used to be only 4) was that you can choose any NFL team. The rosters were complete, you had injuries, you had awesome cut scenes of huge plays and they kept track of the stats all through the season. This game was the best. Some players were absolutely unstoppable when it came to running and there was that one play that you could use that you could complete every time. No matter what the defensive call was made. This was the NES and NFL at its best.

But there were a ton of stinkers available too.

When I saw the advertisements for a new X-Men game I was ecstatic. I saved up the $40 to buy it and it was a huge stinker. The cast of characters was awesome but the game play was so lame. You had to fight these main bad guys (you didn't even have to fight them, you could just run past them) and the graphics were so awful that you couldn't even tell who was who. Such a HUGE disappointment. But I did defeat the game.

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