Mar 23, 2010

From the Soap Box: Schmidtheads

Day 143

I am happy to say that I do not have many enemies. Or at least I don't know of many enemies. Perhaps I do have some that I just don't know about.

Have you ever met a person that you have totally disliked the moment you met them? Or the moment you heard their voice? That person is your arch-nemesis and I discovered mine a few years ago

I won't tell you his full name since he does have an online presence and I am sure he is one of those guys that googles himself to see if anyone is talking about him. It only took one phone call from this guy for me to affectionately call him "Schmidthead".

He is one of those people that feel that he is entitled to everything. Every time we came out with a special he would call in and berate us and then want something in return. And he wouldn't even ask us nicely either. He would just come right out and demand stuff. Most of the times he would even have the nerve to say You owe me this. I don't even use everything you give me but I deserve what new people are getting. Which was not entirely true either. I would calmly explain that his account had certain features that the new accounts do not have. And then he would then have the nerve to say I don't use them so I don't need them. I want the new one!

He was my most aggravating client. I had his phone number memorized and would curse when his number came up on caller ID. He would also send numerous e-mails in an attempt to bypass me.

One time I told him that if he wants the new account he can cancel his old one and move his stuff and then get a new one. He obviously didn't like my offer and wanted to speak to my boss. My boss told him the same thing and then Schmidthead called me back and demanded an apology from me. He wanted me to apologize because I was treating him horribly. I gave him the most fake and sarcastic apology ever just to get him off the phone. And then he went on and on about how I should do my job.

Now to put this in perspective, he was only angling to save 3 dollars a month. 3 WHOLE DOLLARS A MONTH!

The guy was a complete imbecile. Unfortunately he would call in every month looking for the next deal. You know if he was just nice to begin with, I would have made him happy. But condescending is not going to get you much from me. If you show me respect, I will return it. If you show me disrespect, the Karma Police will get you.

And it did. He tried to get a dedicated server for his pathetic website and pathetic uploading software (which he tried to sell to us) and we gave him an excellent price. More than what I would offer him. He rebuffed it and told us that this offer was insufficient. So I had the pleasure of calling him back and telling him that the price we gave him was off the table. He was furious. It was awesome. Thanks to the Karma Police, I had the last laugh. He finally relented and still got a deal but it was nowhere near as nice as the first one.

Every time I run into someone that behaves like this and has this egotistical entitlement attitude, I call them Schmidtheads.

I am so glad that I don't have to deal with the actual Schmidthead anymore. Unfortunately there are more people like him that are killing society.

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  1. Awesome blog entry! I love it! I'm going to remember the term "schmidthead" from now on whenever I come across one of these menaces to society!