Mar 3, 2010

What Pushes Your Button?

Day 123

Oh the meltdown on this week's Celebrity Fit Club was awesome and scary. Man oh man did Sebastian lose his cool. And partly I don't blame him. He was doing so good in the beginning of the Fit Club Challenge and then the rain hit and his teammates were annoying him and HalfFat Girl (Tanisha) said something not nice to him and the crap hit the fan.

Tanisha pushed his button.

So my blog today asks What Pushes Your Button?

I admit that I have a little bit of a temper but I think for the most part I have it under control. But there is something that sends me postal and Sebastian-like.

I hate to be finger poked in the chest. It absolutely makes my blood boil. I can handle pretty much anything else but this. You want to start something? Poke me in my chest. Even if you do it accidentally it still sends shivers up my spine. But do it on purpose? LOOK OUT!

I remember the last time someone did this to me on purpose. I was working as a lumper for Motor Cargo. My station was at Pepperidge Farms and my job was to load boxes of cookies/crackers into trucks. One day a certain truck was very late. The trucker (whom we ALL hated) came in expecting that we would load his crap and send him on his way. Unfortunately I was assigned to lump his trailer. He came in and demanded that he speak to his team of loaders. I explained it to him calmly that he was extremely late and that he would have to wait a bit before we start his truck. Since we knew that we would have to deal with him, we went ahead and pulled his whole stock beforehand. That way it would take us about twenty minutes to load his truck so we were doing him a HUGE favor. He didn't see it this way. He continued to be a complete idiot.

So we finished up another truck and hurried to start his. He watched us the whole time, getting in our way and it aggravated us. I told him to take a seat in the break room and get a Coke and we would have everything all ready for him in twenty minutes. Then he started to berate me and my driver. He called us every dirty name his feeble mind could come up with. And I had enough. I stopped loading and told him to knock it off or we will take our time loading his truck. He got into my face and told me to get back to work and I told him to waddle his way back to the break room and we will get back to work (my forklift driver fully backing me up).

And then he poked me with his chubby finger. And the blood began to boil. I warned him not to do that again. And he said "What are you going to do about it kid?" And he poked me again.

So I grabbed that finger and off my chest and twisted it back. I was having a Sebastian moment. He tried to yell at me and fight back but I was pushing his finger back so much that he could barely breath. I finally released his finger and pointed to the break room in which he hastily retreated to.

So that is my biggest button. Just don't poke it.

And for a happier ending, Sebastian and Tanisha did patch things up. Which was followed by Sebastian trying to dance. He knew he looked like an idiot and he didn't disappoint. Gotta give him props for trying.


  1. Nice blog idea. I like it, and will probably use it sometime. Stay tuned to find my button!

  2. OK, that is something that I have never done to you... yet! :)