Jan 30, 2010

From the Soap Box: Negative Nelly's

Day 91

You know what I can't stand? Negative Nelly's. People who are ALWAYS negative. We are talking about every word from their mouth is some sort of complaint against the world. We all know someone who is like this. Whether it is at the office, a friend who always posts complaints in their Facebook status, the one that calls you NOT to see how you are doing but to complain.

Now I can be negative at times. I think everyone has the right to be negative and air their beefs to the world. But for heaven's sake people, get a grip and quit being so negative all the time!

Is life that bad that you can't see any good? Has your heart hardened to the point where you cannot see beauty that is all around? I have some friends that are unfortunately like this. It is extremely difficult to spend time with them or talk with them when all they do is spout some bile and venom. I am your friend and I am happy to be a sounding board of sorts, that is what makes a friend a good friend. They will let you fly off the handle. But not all the time! Seriously, I am at the point now where I dread answering the phone or reading an e-mail I get from these Negative Nelly's. I know why they are contacting me, they are wanting to vent and to tell me the same sad stories I have heard time and time before.

I am sure you can see the irony of this post. Here I am complaining about people who complain. But this is different. How many other of the 90 columns have I wrote have been a complaint of some sort? Maybe two of them? Counting this entry?

So my advice to those Negative Nelly's is to buck up and change. I am a big believer in the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy which essentially is you are what you believe. If you think your life sucks then it WILL suck. I am also a big believer in karma too. What goes around comes around. If you are negative and complain about everything without seeing the fun and good around you, then at some point the Karma Police will remove even that from you and you will see how horrible life can be.

So chin up soldier and press on. Change your life forever and find good in the life you lead. Quit being so pessimistic that you will lose whatever friends you have left. Quit dragging us down, our relationship can be very taxing!


  1. Hey Matt- my mom asked me to comment for her- she wasn't sure how to do it so she asked me to say that after reading your blog she would highly recommend "Always Looking Up" by Michael J. Fox- apparently he is quite the positive guy!! :)

  2. Did you have a bad week? It's funny because I wrote and re-wrote almost the exact same post on Monday after work... What you saw was a nicer version of what I was really thinking and what was really bugging me.

  3. Preach on, Brother!! I love the picture of "Little House on the Prairie's" Nellie!

  4. I'm totally with you! I've sadly known many people like this who bitch and moan and have no positivity. In the end they drain you of all your energy. Sure we all have our ups and downs and bad things happen to everyone but there is always someone worse off than you. I've actually stopped being friends with people like this now, I can only take so much.