Jan 10, 2010

Life with Logan: Sunday Night

Day 71

Late church (1:30!) + NFL playoffs = Late Unthought-of Blog.

I just don't know what I should blog about today. And to be honest, I am not in the mood to blog today either.

After watching the Cards win against the Packers with a defensive touchdown (a real rarity for those watching the games) we ate dinner (Sweet Pork Tacos) and then watched AFV (Logan's favorite show). After we caught the Simpsons and Logan was so excited to watch the 20th Anniversary Special since it was in 3D and on ice. He ran to find his glasses just so he could watch them. I warned him beforehand that he would have to go to bed before it was over. So he got ready as quickly (well, as quickly as Logan could) get ready for bed so he could spend as much time watching the show.

About half way into it, a commercial came on and I told him let's go to bed. He was FURIOUS! "I didn't even get to watch anything!" He exclaimed. For those that didn't watch the special, it was just a documentary on how the Simpsons were made and what effect they had on culture. Logan thought it would be a cartoon and he was mad. He started to cry a bit and stated "I hate this show, it is stupid!"

Unfortunately Logan learned a valuable lesson about life. Things will never live up to your own hype!

So tomorrow night, we are going to watch a "special" episode of the Simpsons. He was so looking forward to seeing it in 3D. Kristy and I laughed our heads off at the end of the special when the Simpson's themselves complained that there was no 3D. Then for the last minute or so they had it.

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