Jan 28, 2010

January Day(s) of Reckoning II

Day 89

Is it the 28th already? It has been two weeks since the last time I posted a Days of Reckoning column? Time has certainly passed by pretty quickly. Let's see how I did.


I have not worked on it as much as I wanted to but the last few days I have made significant progress. I have edited about 44,883 words from my first initial draft and I have 39,547 words to go until I am done. So I am about half way done but I am at a part that I am not satisfied with and I am writing a lot of new stuff from scratch. I need to add more back story of one of the main characters and the plan is to write that and when I get tired or when I hit a wall, I go back editing what I have now. I don't want to toot my own horn but there have been some parts that I have been quite happy with. This is the first time that I have gone back to read it. Now I just need to get the stuff I have to some other people for some editing and review and finish what I have left and go from there.

Since it is still January I can say that I have accomplished this goal. I read 'Beat the Reaper' by Josh Bazell. The next book that has been recommended by my friend Steve is 'Then We Came to the End' by Joshua Ferris. I have already picked this up at the library but I have not started it yet.

I have started another book, a book which has self-contained chapters so I can just read a chapter at a time anytime. That way I have a book I can read anytime and I can count it as one of my months. The book is called Veeps: Profiles in Insignificance.

Here is a description:

"It's a tired but true cliche that every American Vice President is just a heartbeat away from the most powerful job in the world - a job they've often never really interviewed for. Who are these people? Over more than 200 years, the American voters have sent a platoon of rogues, cowards, drunks, featherweights, doddering geriatrics, bigots, and atrocious spellers to Washington D.C. to sit one bullet, cerebral hemorrhage, or case of pneumonia away from the highest office in the land. Veeps tells the sordid, head-scratching, perversely-entertaining stories of these men we've chosen to ride shotgun in the biggest rig in democracy, without ever seriously considering the possibility that they might have to take the wheel."

I am a few chapters in it and I am surprised at how some of our VP's have acted. The book is filled with a ton of neat facts as well. If you like history and political science, I highly recommend it.

I have not done anything new except for one doodle I did at my dad's house of some potential cover art for my novel.

Ugh. I exercised good the first week but this week was a lot more difficult. I was not in the mood Monday and I did a half-arsed workout. Tuesday was normal and I went and got some extra exercise that night by playing basketball with a couple of guys from the neighborhood. I am so out of shape. Unfortunately, I came home and had a major asthma attack, I have not had a big one for years and this one was awful. So I didn't exercise yesterday. I am feeling better and did a workout today and I hope that I can continue but my chest is still tight. I felt that I have been eating better since the amount of candy and chocolate is getting scarce around here. And I am trying a new thing too. Did you know your brain needs 15 to 20 minutes to register signs of fullness? So I plan on eating slower instead of my usual world-is-ending-scarfing routine. Drink in between bites as well. According to WiiFit, I am done a few pounds.

All in all, I am happy with some of the progress I have made. Hopefully the exercising and eating right are now habits. We'll see Feb 14th.

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