Jan 22, 2010

List-Mania: Top Soundtracks

Day 83

Boy, do I need to get my butt in gear. Because of the various computer problems, I have not spent as much time editing my novel as I wanted to this week. Right after I publish this blog I will be writing and editing at a furious pace. So I will need a lot of music to get me through it. As I have mentioned before, I love music and I love to write to music. I listen mostly to movie soundtracks and some other instrumental albums while writing. Here are five of my favorite soundtracks. If you like classical music/movie soundtracks, you need to do yourself a favor and track these down.

Bram Stoker's Dracula by Wojciech Kilar
Hauntingly beautiful and romantic. It is hard to describe in words how fantastic this score truly is. I am amazed at how Kilar is able to create such beautiful music with an underlying tone of horror to it. The use of a choir really amps up the chill to this music. If you want a taste of it, I recommend listening to the End Titles, it samples each of the main tones. The last song, Love Song For A Vampire sung by Annie Lennox is quite beautiful and haunting itself. I personally listen to that song on its own, it feels out of place when listening to the score.

Alien 3 by Elliot Goldenthal
I only wish that the movie was as great as the score. Watching the documentary of the making of the film, especially about the composer and how the music was made really gave me a deep appreciation of the film and the score. He made music that fit perfectly with the bleak atmosphere of the movie but yet is quite beautiful. While this score is not for everyone, I highly recommend The Entrapment and Adiago.

Trailerhead by Intermediate Music
Intermediate Music is music company that specializes in composing music for movie trailers. They didn't sell their music to the masses, they only sold them to film companies. Finally, they released their own album filled with music that you would normally hear in movie trailers. What you get is a mix of exciting and short pieces of music.

Children of Dune by Brian Tyler
One of the most complete scores I have ever heard. This score reminds me a lot of the Lord of the Ring scores, very uplifting and magical. This has it all.

The Empire Strikes Back by John Williams
Not only is it my favorite movie of all time, the score is probably my favorite of all time as well. Lots of well known musical themes here, from the fantastic Imperial March to the lovely Han Solo and the Princess theme. My personal fave, especially when I am writing some sort of chase scene is The Asteroid Field.

I better get back to some writing.


  1. What, no" Sound of Music"... an incomplete list Matt.

  2. I love Trailerhead. I crank it at school during breaks and I have had several students wanting to know what I am listening to (in a good way). The teachers get the "talk to the hand" gesture.