Jan 18, 2010

Well, Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

Day 79

For Christmas Santa gave the family a set of guns.

These were not your ordinary guns either, these were special. These came with a laser scope so you can easily target your victims.

We each got the same type of gun with a ton of extra ammunition. Spontaneous gunfights are something that is a regular occurrence around here. You have to keep your wits (and your gun) with you.

Since all of our guns are the same we had to mark them so we would know which was our weapon.

I named my gun The Punisher, geekily named after the comic book character of the same name. Kristy named hers The Enforcer and Logan affectionately named his the subtle yet amply name The Killer.

You better watch your step around our house.


  1. Steve is so jealous right now! Where can I get him one?

  2. LOL I love the names.

    And now I have to hide this post so that Callum doesn't see it as you'll have a certain young man turn up on your doorstep asking to live with you as his evil Mum and Dad don't do guns. It's a long story. lol.

  3. I just hope nobody shoots their eye out!!

  4. Logan has had his eye shot out a number of times. It's not my fault, my laser doesn't work and I can't tell where I'm aiming! But, he doesn't think it's funny when we ask which darts hurt worse.