Jan 11, 2010

Hunting with my Dad Part I

Day 72

A couple of months ago my dad, my brother Nathan, Kristy, Logan and I headed up to the mountains above Richmond. Nathan had a project in school to take some pictures of the fall and my dad invited us to come with.

It was a cold and clear day and we got some real pretty pictures. There was some snow on a bridge by the creek. Now we are trying to teach Logan how to throw a football and I think actually listened. Logan picked some up and throw a snowball at me. I saw that it was going to hit me right in the chest so I turned and instead put the back of head in the way. BOOM! It hit me hard and the ice snow was so cold running down my back. Logan, of course, was absolutely thrilled.

This was also the place where I had my first deer hunt. My dad hunted and so did his dad so it was expected I did too. We hiked up in the mountains with my Uncle Kurt and it was so cold. We sat on the hill right in front of the forest clearing and waited. The sun was not even up and it was so cold. I complained and complained how cold it was and my dad would not waver. It was not cold he told me. I finally relented when my Uncle Kurt arrived and said, "Man, it is sure cold to be hunting!" Thanks Uncle Kurt for supporting me.

The next day we went out to the same place but we had a small creek to cross. My dad went first and found a way to cross. The creek was not frozen but there was some ice and snow on the rocks and it made it tricky to cross. I started to cross and I got to the point where I don't think I could jump across. Dad asked for my gun and I gave it to him and he shot me! (just seeing if you were paying attention!) I gave him my gun and then he extended his hand so I could use him to help get across.

Instead of using my dad for balance I just jumped and grabbed a hold. My dad was not expecting this. I grasped his hand with both of mine and my feet barely planted on the rock he was on. Then I could feel us falling backward. I panicked and basically shoved my dad out of the way. He fell into the cold creek and grabbed my back for support and I fell in. Well, he had to use his arm to stop himself from getting completely soaked but the splash back got him pretty good. I stayed relatively dry, only my boots and part of my leg was soaked. The creek was only a few inches deep! Yeah, we were afraid of a few inches of water! I would have been less soaked if I had just walked across. Dad was a little mad but when we looked up ahead toward the creek we saw a nice bridge that crossed the creek we laughed and laughed!

We pretty much gave up deer hunting until I got my bow and we tried deer hunting with a bow.


  1. A bridge? That is funny.

  2. I can't believe your dad shot you! :)

    I'm looking forward to the telling of your bow hunting experience, I hear its an interesting one.