Jan 9, 2010

Full Moon Funeral

Day 70

Quick blog today. I am still high from the Jets winning this afternoon that I am in no mood to blog. Which is why this blog is being posted so late in the day.

Kristy was saying to me yesterday that she was running out of stories to blog about. I listed a ton of Breinholt family stories that I have heard a thousand times by now that she could blog about. And we remembered a funny story that I thought I should blog about.

It was at Kristy's grandmother's funeral. I know, I know, should I be laughing at a funeral? One of Kristy's favorite memories which she covered earlier in her blog was at her funeral too.

We were all sitting in the chapel at the local church and listening to some people speak about grandma. Those talks were loaded with fun stuff but that was not what was funny. Someone in front of us and to get up so the people on the bench in front of us got up. Kristy's younger cousin Courtney stood up right in front of me. I looked and furrowed my brow, as did Kristy. The pink/red color we saw in front of us did not match the color of dress that she was wearing. Then it hit us, her dress had slipped right off her bum and what we were seeing was this bright underwear moon.

(The moon I saw was more pink than this color.)

Her mother quickly yanked it up and we all tried to stop laughing. Courtney didn't notice at all and when she turned around she saw me covering my face with my tie. She put her hand on my shoulder and told me that it was alright to cry.

She thought I was crying because of Grandma.

That made me laugh even harder. It was very sweet of her to be concerned about my feelings. If she only knew!

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  1. Hilarious!! Who says you can't laugh at a funeral? Remember on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" at the funeral for Chuckles the Clown?! Really, really funny!