Jan 23, 2010

Pic of the Week: The Ice Man Cometh

Day 84

A couple of years ago we had a Breinholt Family Reunion up here in Logan and we went up to the lake at Tony Grove, up in Logan Canyon. It was a pretty good time although I will remember it for entirely other different reasons, which I probably shouldn't blog about here publicly.

But for the most part, the reunion was a lot of fun. I remember one incident in particular which made the event memorable (in a good way).

A couple of us (that is me throwing the rock, ahead of me is Steven and Andrea and Renae (yawning) with Logan and Gregg at the front) all decided to go and take a hike on this trail around the lake. It was a nice summer day, the sun was shining (and burning my poor bald head) but it was still very cool up in the mountains. Some of the surrounding areas even still had a few inches of snow. We stopped a few times to try and skip rocks off the lake. My son Logan was having the time of his life. He saw a ton of animals (mostly chipmunks and squirrels) and got to throw big rocks into the lake. Logan is a little competitive kid (wonder where he got it from) and he always wanted to be in the lead and be first down the trail. He was always fighting with his uncle Steven to stay in the lead. Steven had taken the lead and so I told Logan to grab some snow and rub and place it on Steven's leg (he was wearing shorts) to get him out of the way.

Logan was thrilled with this awesome plan and he quickly stopped to pick up some snow. As he was scooping up some snow, a man and his wife (not from our party) walked past us and ahead of us on the trail. Logan finally got some snow and ran towards Steven, at least we thought he was running to Steven. He pushed Steven out of the way and was heading toward the man that passed us thinking it was Steven. I yelled out "That's not Steven!" but it fell on excited and deaf ears. Logan iced the guy that passed us and not Steven. The funny thing is that the guy saw Logan coming and ran away like a frightened little girl. Logan caught him anyway and he yelped out (also like a little girl) when Logan iced him. Logan laughed deviously and then he realized that he iced the wrong guy. He was momentarily stunned and then he tried to get Steven. The man was not happy with what had happened but took it all in stride.


  1. Good times! But I want to read about the "other" reasons ;)

  2. Hilarious! I love your title for this blog entry...very clever!

  3. That was fun! I thought of the perfect skipping rock and rolling a rock down the mountain too.