Jan 21, 2010

School Daze: Kindergarten

Day 82

Yesterday's column certainly generated a lot of interest to the identity of the Potato Sack Lady. Aside from the comments here I also got a few Facebook messages demanding to know who she is. Before I give out some major clues here I do want to say that I hold nothing against her and I am sure she is a fine person. Her initials are H.B. and her first name is Heidi.

It has been a lot of fun reminiscing about the past and I wish I would have done this a long time ago. I wish I had kept a journal so I could remember my past. I was thinking of elementary school in particular. My son Logan is in 1st grade and I was thinking about what I was like in 1st grade and I can hardly remember anything!

So I am going to start with Kindergarten and what I can remember about it.

Can you find me? My teacher's name was Mrs. Sliwkanich. She was pretty nice most of the time. But when she got mad she really let us have it!

-My best friend in Kindergarten was Michael Fixson (4th from the right on the top row). It was nice to already know someone first when I attended school. I knew him from church, sadly he moved away the next year.

- There was an annoying kid named Tommy (end of the top row on the right) in this class. He lived a few houses down and there were a ton of times you could hear this kid yelling and being loud. Sadly, my birthday was the same day as his. We would be linked forever with that!

- I had a crush on a girl named Heather (3rd from the right on the bottom row). She also moved after Kindergarten.

- I remember my mom coming to help out. One day we were in gym learning how to dribble a ball (which I sucked at) and instead I showed my mom that I was better at bouncing the ball against the wall. Instead of being happy for me my mom told me that I should be dribbling. I was so crushed! ;)

- I had morning Kindergarten. I only lived two blocks away from Sifton. This a pic of me going to Kindergarten on my first day. I was so excited! I had to carry a snack to Kindergarten and that was my Star Wars thermos and lunchbox.

- My friend Michael and I would hide these special Lego pieces so we could make Vipers from Battlestar Galactica during playtime.

- I absolutely hated the smell of those sponges we would use to clean the table with after snack. Every once in awhile I will get a whiff of it and it totally takes me back to Kindergarten.

- I do remember that Kindergarten was a lot of fun. But I don't remember what I learned or did. Sadly, this was all that I could remember.

I have better memories of my first grade which eventually I will blog about.


  1. Second from the left on the front row!!! :) I think you have an awesome memory! And I loved your post yesterday! I'll never look at a sack of potatoes the same way! :P

  2. Yup! That's little ol' me!