Jan 16, 2010


Day 77

I stood up way too late last night trying to fix these stupid browsers. I am still using Opera which I kinda like although it does not seem to play good with hotmail and blogger. I didn't sleep too much either, I was plagued with strange dreams of horse people and bloated killer cats. I guess I shouldn't read the Walking Dead graphic novels as a way to relax right before bed.

I feel a bit sick today too. Which really bums me out. At least this all happened at once and the only thing that I need to make a perfect storm is if the car breaks.

So not much of a blog today and probably not much of one tomorrow either. I have 2 big NFL games that I want to watch this afternoon, I want to finish off those Walking Dead books and I have a ton of Mountain Dew Livewire to throw back.

Now that is my type of a perfect storm!

By the way, I might as well make a suggestion here. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite comic books. It is all about how these survivors survive a zombie apocalypse. I love the zombie genre and these books are fantastic. I highly recommend snagging the first trade paperback. It is cheap and will no doubt hook you like this sort of thing. Click on the bottom link to see the book at Amazon and to read some reviews.

The Walking Dead Volume. 1: Days Gone Bye


  1. Chocolate solves everything!

  2. Sorry you've been having computer problems! (What a pain in the arse!) But I'm impressed that you have been able to keep posting in spite of the technical issues!