Jan 20, 2010

The Potato Sack Lady

Day 81

Thinking about my boxing experience yesterday certainly brought up a ton of memories. Like I said before, I had great friends in high school that liked to have a great time together. My friends and I always double-dated, in that way if our date was not so great we could at least hang out as buddies. I never thought that would save me before but one fateful day it did.

I didn't have the greatest self-esteem back during my high school days but I was not afraid to ask a girl out. It could be any girl whether she was older, whether she had a boyfriend, it didn't matter to me. When I found a girl I wanted to date, I would date her. It was just that simple.

There was this girl a year younger than me that I had my eye on. I won't reveal her identity but if you really want to know just ask. She was a real cute girl and seemed pretty popular (she was a cheerleader). But that didn't scare me at all, I knew I would have a good time with her since my friends and I planned the coolest dates. So I called her and it seemed that I could never get a chance to take her out. Finally she relented and we planned a date for that next Saturday.

Damond and I (and his cousin) decided we would take the girls to 1st dam and teach them how to fish and play on the small beach there. Then we would have a picnic and then play some games after and perhaps get some ice cream.

I remember the beginning and ending of this date like it was yesterday. I went and picked her up and her mom was in the front doing some yard work. We took off and did some fishing. All of the other girls were having a good time, at least we thought they were. At least if they weren't, they were fantastic fakers.

Except for my date. She just sat there. She barely said a word and would barely talk to any of us. She was not nice either, she would say things that would make all of us shake our heads. She was as lifeless and sat there like a SACK OF POTATOES! There is just no other way to describe it. In fact, potato sacks are a lot more fun!

I was tired of her so I told Damond to take us home. We got to her house and her mother was still doing yard work, she was mowing the lawn! I barely walked her to the door I was so ticked off at her. Then she had the nerve to tell me that we should get together some other time. You blew it honey! You had your chance.

She forever will be remembered as the POTATO SACK LADY to my friends. After I dropped her off I went back and hung out with everyone else. Even Mrs. PotatoHead would have been a funner and better date!

Funny thing is that many years later, my then future wife met her in one of her classes. Kristy told them that she just was engaged and one of the girls asked who she was engaged to. Kristy told her and she said that she once dated me. That was like five years after! Kristy told me and I told her that she had the pleasure meeting the Potato Sack Lady.


  1. OK, maybe I'm crazy but I want to know who she was. I think I could figure it out with a first name too if you don't want to reveal the last one. I hated dates like that.

  2. Nice... was she at the very least, nice to look at?

  3. This was hilarious! And it made my day! "Potato Sack Lady" - a perfect description!