Dec 24, 2009

Christmas Memories: Fooled on Christmas Eve

Day 54

When I was younger we had another family tradition. One that would excite me and then suddenly dash my hopes the very next second. And I would fall for this every year.

Every Christmas Eve, after we delivered our plates of goodies we would settle in for a night of playing board games. My family had the best collection of board games. Probably my favorite board game we would play was Full House. This tradition has continued in my family and so has the Full House too. Kristy likes the game so much that she laminated all the guest cards. And this game has nothing to do with the crappy TV show.

After playing games we would sit around the Christmas tree and tell the story of the birth of Jesus. After that my mom would allow us to open one gift. I was so excited to open a gift. I would rip it apart, eager to see what I got. And every year it was the same thing. I got pyjamas. Every year I was fooled.

But then one year I was allowed to open up two gifts. One of them was pyjamas of course but I thought for sure that the second gift would be something cool. And it was sorta. I got a stuffed animal.

This tradition has been passed down to my family as well. Kristy will get us pyjamas and on occasion will make us some comfy fleece pyjamas too.

Logan still has problems getting his pyjamas on correctly. ;)

When I served my LDS mission to New York, my companion and I decided to open all of our gifts at midnight Christmas Eve. The neighbors upstairs were partying loud so we were not sleeping anyway.

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