Dec 20, 2009

Christmas with the Breinholt's

Day 50!

Late blog today. It seems like the sting of defeat (which I should be used to since I am a Jets fan) has killed any motivation to blog today. So I have been putting it off and now I am forced to blog about something.

Yesterday we headed down to the annual Breinholt Christmas Party! And as usual it was a lot of fun. I am so lucky and blessed that I have such great in-laws. The party was fun with all sorts of traditions.

Every year we read from the Bible of Christ's birth. All the grand kids take part by helping setting up the Nativity set.

Every year Steve leads in singing Christmas carols. Some more loudly than others.

Every year we have great food.

Every year the neighbors wish they had soundproof walls. It can certainly get loud in the house.

Every year we exchange family gifts. This year we got a Chili's gift card and Logan got a Nerf gun. "You'll shoot your eye out!" And I did; I shot Logan in the eye just today.

For the last few years a policeman came over. My bro-in-law is a cop. ;)

Every year the in-laws hear the same story from the Breinholt siblings.

Every year mom tells us to be quiet. And every year we ignore her. But I am getting better.

Every year mom says that she will talk to us "when your voice is as low as mine." And every year I speak in a deep, bass voice to mock her.

Every year since Andrea came into the family we "people watch". I guess that would be "family watch".

Every year I tease Cassie (my niece) for hating me.

Ahh... memories.

Can't wait till next year!

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  1. It's great when you get to spend such a wonderful day with family. Sounds like a blast.