Dec 29, 2009

The Final Christmas of the Decade

Day 59

I cannot believe how fast this decade has gone by. I thought it was amazing when we hit the year 2001 (like Arthur C. Clarke's book) and now we are hitting his sequel 2010!

What is really strange to me is that my son Logan has been with me for 7 of those years and that I have been married the whole decade!

The week of Christmas was filled with a lot of fun and excitement. On the 22nd we celebrated Logan's 7th birthday. That afternoon he had some of his friends come over to play games and eat lightsaber cake and ice cream. During it he lost his tooth, it was not that the cake was hard.

He and his friends had a lot of fun. That evening we went out to eat, he wanted to go to Sizzler (he had won an award for a free meal and wanted to use it) and he called his Grandma Platis to see if she would come too. We all met at the Sizzler and had a good meal. After that we came home and Grandpa Platis and Grandma Pauline and Nathan came over.

On Christmas Eve, Grandma Platis came over again to spend the evening with us. We ate a terrific ham dinner and relaxed. Logan scored some great Christmas gifts from Grandma (we are allowed to open Grandma's gifts on Christmas Eve) and we put together some Star Wars Legos. After she left and Logan went to bed, Kristy and I watched our annual Christmas Vacation movie and played a quick game of Simpsons Scene It that we got from Grandma.

The next morning Logan slept in till 9:00 and ran downstairs to see if Santa came. And sure enough he did. When we got downstairs, Logan had already sorted the gifts out. We all had a great Christmas, I scored some awesome candy and some nice clothes. We stayed in all day playing games and eating candy. While we were eating some breakfast, Logan lost his second tooth of the week!

On Boxing Day we went to visit Grandpa Papoo (Platis) and Grandma Pauline and ate some baklava and played some games. We spent all day there all snug and warm with them and my sister and her family.

All in all it was a very pleasant Christmas and a great one to end the decade with. I am already looking forward to next year.

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  1. It's hard to believe how quickly this year let alone this decade has gone by. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas was had.

    Here's to a great 2010 for you and your family Matt.