Dec 9, 2009

Matt at Work: Fun with Photoshop

Day 39

The first couple of years that I worked at my last place of employment was pretty fun. And that is because I worked in the best department with the best guys. We always had a lot of fun and it made the stupid things that happened at work easier to swallow.

One day we took company pictures to display on our website. Zack was in charge of formatting the photo and uploading it to our website. But he thought he should have fun with it first. He took someone's goatee and put it on everyone in the photo. Can you spot the real one?

We all thought it was funny and we passed it around the office. And that is when the fun (as usual) stopped. Our CEO caught wind of the picture and was not happy at all. He sent out an e-mail demanding that we remove it from our computers or he would do it for us. I kept the picture anyway, I renamed it "possible" so it looked like I had an image of some marketing proposal. He never saw that I had it. I wouldn't be surprised if I get an e-mail demanding that I take this photo down.

And the real goatee? That was me at the bottom right. Everyone else was wearing my goatee.


  1. I would have thought it was the guy in the blue shirt above you!