Dec 26, 2009

List-Mania: Comic Book Artists

Day 56

Happy Boxing Day!

I have mixed feelings now that Christmas is over especially when it comes to this blog. It has been a lot of fun celebrating Christmas for the last two weeks and I think I will miss it but at the same time I am happy it is ending. Conjuring up these Christmas-themed blogs at times has been a hassle and a lot of work. So while I am sad that Christmas is ending, I am happy to be writing about something else.

So I am going to do something fun (well, for me) for today's blog. Since I have tons of white comic boxes and it is Boxing Day I thought I would blog about my favorite comic book artists. Okay, I admit that was quite the stretch.

5) John Cassaday
There was just something different about this artist when he first busted on the scene. He is incredibly detailed and is able to draw just about anything. I appreciated his work but it was when I picked up Planetary that I became a big fan of his work.

4) Steve Rude
What attracted to me to his artwork was how simple and yet how complex his drawings are. His art has an old-school feel to it, like I am reading a comic from back in the sixties. There is no line wasted in his art.

3) Steve Epting
Epting penciled one of my favorite runs on the Avengers and it was there where I took notice of his art. His art took a large leap when he began to pencil Crux for the then-fledgling comic company Crossgen. In fact, Crux was the first CrossGen comic I picked up; just for Epting's work alone.

2) Marc Silvestri
Out of all the 'hot' artists that came out of the comic book boom of the early nineties, Marc Silvestri was my favorite. His style was rough and kinetic. He is also self taught, which motivated me to try my hand at drawing. Sadly, I am no where near his level.

1) Alan Davis
Alan is my favorite artist bar none. I will follow his artwork wherever it goes. He is the only artist that I have almost every single comic he has drawn. Uncanny X-Men became a favorite title of mine and it was there that I first discovered his work. At first I liked his artwork but I didn’t discover how special is artwork was until a little bit later when Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 came out. This also introduced a favorite character of mine in Captain Britain. It was the way he drew that particular character that quickly made me a fan of his work. He drew the good Captain with a majesty, he was bigger than life and was powerful but also commanded respect. Ever since then I have collected his work. I even got my friend Joel into his work as well. Not only am I a fan but I also have the tremendous opportunity to work with him. He started a website on his own and I noticed that his former message board and been down for months and months. I e-mailed one of his inker friends (Robin Riggs) and asked if he had any contact information about him. He sent me his e-mail address and I asked if he would be interested in me having designed and maintained a message board for him. Surprisingly he was very interested and now I am hosting his message board. VERY COOL! The other best thing is that he sent me a full sketch of whatever character I wanted (I couldn't decide between Argent of the ClanDestine or Captain Britain) and I was very fortunate to get a huge sketch of both of them. A dream come true. I never would have thought that when I first discovered Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 that later in life I would speak to him like he is a friend of mine. It is hard not to geek out! The following artwork is a picture of the artwork that I am proud to own.

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