Dec 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Logan!

Day 52


Seven years ago today my little buddy was born. He has been such a blessing in this household, he has such a keen sense of humor, a helping hand and a cute smile. He is always wanting to play with me and cuddle with me when I need it.

So what exactly happened seven years ago?

DISCLAIMER: First time pregnant ladies should not read this or those with weak stomachs. This does get pretty graphic even without pictures.

Why is it that when we hear that a lady is pregnant we tell her all the awful things that happen at birth? Survivor's guilt perhaps? Because when people tell you how beautiful it is and how grand they are really lying? Okay, that is not totally true.

Kristy was due with Logan on Christmas. My mom and sister's family came down to see us (we were living in Salt Lake at the time) before Christmas since we were probably not going to venture up north to Logan (about 2 hours by car) with Logan coming anytime. Kristy was complaining of pain but it seemed like it was not serious. After a nice visit with them, Kristy went to bed early. The next day was Sunday, she was still in some pain but we went to Church anyway. Kristy must have been feeling a bit sick since she came home halfway through the services. I told our Bishop that I should go home to make sure she is okay and they said they would cover teaching my class. I came home and Kristy was really feeling it. We had our annual family Christmas party so we packed up our food and headed to her mom's house. I thought I should bring our hospital stuff "just because". Kristy was really in pain, she could barely breath and she couldn't even get her shoes on.

We hopped in the car and went to her mom's house. We get out there and I could tell that she was in labor. Her sister Sherry came out and saw Kristy's face and body language and immediately knew that she was in labor. We still went inside and we delivered our food all the while both Sherry and Kristy's mom were yelling at us to leave to the hospital. I felt bad for Kristy's other sister Ranae and her husband Gregg. She was pregnant with her first and they were pale as ghosts when they saw Kristy.

The hospital was about twenty minutes away but luckily traffic was good and we made it. We walked in and I told the lady that Kristy was in labor. The nurse took her to the first room to examine her. The nurse peered down there and quickly looked again. Then she grabbed another nurse for a quick second opinion. The second nurse yelled out "We better get her in a delivery room before she gives birth!" Both Kristy and I were shocked. Apparently she had already dilated to a '7'. I asked the nurse if I should grab our stuff and she said "You better just get your camera now if you have it! And hurry!" I ran back to the car and got on my cell and called Kristy's mom and told her. I then called my mom to pass the news.

By the time I got back, Kristy was already having hard labor. The nurses didn't have time to hook her up to any machines. Our doctor came in (he was the one on call) and saw and he was still in his suit. He peered in and suddenly the water broke and he gets up and smiles "I better get my stuff on!" Kristy did get hooked up to the machine that tracks the contractions and in between one we drew her blood, but only barely. The doctor came back and we were on our way. We were at the point of no return. Kristy had no time to get the epidural, there would not be enough time to get it working before she would deliver.

Now let me give you my opinion on being there for a birth. I don't want to see it. Not at all. I don't care about seeing the 'miracle of life', I just have absolutely no interest in it. I will be there supporting my wife but that doesn't mean I have to watch it.

Everything was progressing really well. We were a few contractions away from the birth of our child. Suddenly our doctor yells out "It's crowning! Wow!" Now what would any person do after hearing that? You would want to take a peek at what he is amazed at right? So I forgot what I was doing and I looked. What I saw only last a second. No, I didn't faint. I got squirted. Yes, you heard me. SQUIRTED. The baby shot right out and I got hit in the hair, all down my face, on my shirt, on my pants and on my shoes. I was covered with baby juice! I about hurled. The nurses were all excited and wiping the baby off but what about me?! I wiped myself (as much as I could) on Kristy's hospital gown sleeve. It got me in the crevice of my mouth!

(That is how I felt after I was squirted upon with Baby Juice!)

Kristy and I decided not to find out the baby's sex. The doctor announced it was a boy but neither of us were surprised. We knew it was Logan.

They gave me the baby and they had to assist Kristy. Unfortunately for her, she had quite a rip and she had lost a lot of blood. She was close to having a blood transfusion. I remember seeing Logan and his big eyes. I welcomed him into my family and I looked up and I saw Kristy's sister Sherry and her kids. I motioned them NOT to come in just yet. I didn't want her kids to see the buckets of blood all over.

They finally came in with the rest of her family. It was convenient for the Christmas party right? I let her parents hold Logan while I called my family. Kristy recovered and finally I came home. It was strange to come home all by myself. The first thing I did? I took those jeans off and washed them. I threw out the shirt and socks. I couldn't sleep that night so I put together our new entertainment center that Jennifer and Justin got for us.

It was worth the squirting to get Logan. That doesn't mean I liked it, it just means it was worth it.


  1. Tears to my eyes...
    In 7 years, I had never heard the "juicy" tidbits of Logan's birth...

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Logan!!!

    I love the baby juice bit, that had me cracking up.

    Hope Logan had a brilliant day.

  3. I have never heard of anyone getting SQUIRTED. Sorry Matt, that doesn't sound fun. Happy Birthday Logan. Time sure flies doesn't it???