Dec 31, 2009

Happy 12th Anniversary!

Day 61

Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary!

12 years! That is so insane to me. The last 12 years have been absolutely wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better wife and companion and best friend.

Usually we go out for dinner, just the two of us for our anniversary. Unfortunately our babysitter at the last moment crapped out on us and we couldn't find one on such short notice. And we didn't want to call around to arrange babysitting with just an hour to spare so we celebrated our anniversary as a family.

Logan was not feeling so good either. So Kristy went out to grab some burgers (Logan REALLY wanted a cheeseburger and we were not in the mood to fight him) and we ate and relaxed. We put Logan to bed and Kristy and I watched a movie together. Sounds romantic right? To be honest, this is the type of evening I love. Eating burgers and spending time together at home. And I love that Kristy is happy to have a nice quiet evening at home too.

Our wedding day was cold and foggy. Why in the heck did we decide to get married in December? We got up early and headed to the Logan Temple to get married. We sat beside our dear friends and family and was married for time and eternity. It was so beautiful, Kristy looked stunning. My sister helped her with her hair early that morning. Afterwards we went outside and took pictures outside the Temple. It was so cold, poor Kristy, at least I had a suit jacket. After a ton of pictures we went downtown to the Bluebird Restaurant and had our wedding breakfast. After that we headed down to West Jordan (about 2 hours away) for our wedding reception. It was real foggy, I was surprised about who attended because the fog was pretty thick.

I tried to hide my car but Kristy's family found it and decorated it. When I found my car there was a dog eating some ham off of my tire. I chased the dog away and opened the door and Steven (Kristy's littlest brother) had stuck some ham underneath it. Nothing like frozen food stuck to my white car! They also doused it with dishwasher soap so when I took the car to the car wash, it frothed during the rinse.

That night we stayed at a hotel in Salt Lake City. It was such a draining and tiring day but it was all worth it.

Thanks Kristy for a fantastic 12 years!

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