Dec 23, 2009

Life with Logan: Growing with his Stocking

Day 53

Like I mentioned and celebrated yesterday, Logan was born very close to Christmas. While in the hospital, Logan was visited by Santa who brought him some neat gifts. One of the gifts was this large stocking that we could fit him in. He was certainly small enough, his legs were no where near touching the bottom (that is if you could make him stretch). We could have fit three Logan's in that stocking comfortably. We brought him home in that stocking too.

We now have a tradition of making Logan stand in the stocking so we can see how much he has grown. Every year we make him do it. And that will continue until he moves out. Maybe we'll send him the stocking and make him take a picture of himself in it before he gets any presents from us! We'll think of something.

It is so amazing to see how fast he grows from one year to the next.

I'll post the most recent one after Christmas.

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