Mar 29, 2010

Desert Island: Movies

Day 149

Both Kristy and Jaimee have listed their Desert Movie collections and I decided to take the challenge. So if I was stuck on a desert island which 5 movies would I take with me? Remember, for those that want to take the challenge, these movies are the only ones you have and will have to watch them over and over and over again.

I don't want any short movies and I don't want any scary films since I am on a desert island. So no Lord of the Flies or anything like that. No zombie films either.

Obviously I would want the whole saga but that would be six movies and I would want some other stuff so I would choose the best Star Wars movie EVER. And personally, I think Princess Leia was at her hottest in this film. Especially the way her hair was done up in Cloud City.

I had no idea that this was related to the Evil Dead movies but after seeing the trailers I wanted to see it bad. I missed it in the theaters since no one I knew wanted to see this. So I rented it years later and wondered "What the crap am I watching?" to myself. Was this comedy? Horror? Action? It was Bruce Campbell. Oh how I wish I was Bruce Campbell. I even reenacted his Boomstick tirade for an acting class I took.

Like I have mentioned before, the first X-Men blew me away and I couldn't wait until this came out. This was probably the only sequel that topped my expectations. I don't think my eyes could get any bigger watching one of my favorite characters, Nightcrawler, teleporting all through the White House but that was just the start. This movie scratched everything this fanboy had an itch for. Sadly, the rest of the X-franchise since then has not been near this good. But this is my favorite comic book film EVER.

I love the costumes and the sets, so vibrant and colorful. Max von Sydow as Emperor Ming and Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan stole the show, everyone looked like they were having the time of their life making this movie. And who can forget the soundtrack by Queen? And if I am on a desert island at least I would have some Queen! FLASH! AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH! SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE!

I already watch this movie over and over again so being on a desert island would not make a difference. More than likely, I see myself doing my own performance with the movie running in the background. I am on a desert island so I would have to keep myself busy.

So what would you take?

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  1. Awesome picks!! I agree with you about "Empire Strikes Back" being the best in the series. I have no idea what 5 movies I would bring, but I agree that I wouldn't take any scary movies (sorry Alfred Hitchcock).