Mar 20, 2010

From the Soap Box: Vacuuming

Day 140

I just got back from the church and my hands are sore. Every so often members of the church are called on to assist in cleaning it up. It was my turn this week and we woke up early this morning. I don't mind cleaning but I hate doing the bathrooms and I absolutely hate vacuuming. But it was the only chore at the church that isn't so bad. All you have to do is push this machine around. So I grabbed Logan and we each got a vacuum and we went around the rooms and vacuumed.

It sucked.

The palms of my hands are sore and my back is killing me. I know, I know, I brought this on myself and I shouldn't complain. I hate fighting that stupid cord. It is always in my way and it always gets tangled up. I have to lift that stupid 8-ton vacuum over that stupid cord that never stays where it is supposed to be. Vacuuming isn't that bad right?

Yes. I absolutely HATE that cord.

And it gets only worse when you are finished. Now you have to unplug it and round up that cord and wrap it around those useless pegs which are not big enough to wrap the whole thing. So the last few laps ALWAYS fall off and then you have to start again.

Can you tell that I hate vacuums and vacuuming?


  1. I love to vacuum! I love the little tracks the vacuum makes and I always do it backwards so I don't walk all over the fresh vacuum tracks 'cause I love the way a carpet looks after it is freshly vacuumed!

  2. I know what you mean about the cord! it is always getting in my way.