Mar 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Day 137


One of my favorite days and only because I like to find people not wearing green and pinch them. St. Patrick's Day is pretty interesting and I would recommend reading up on the history of it. Did you know that the color associated with Saint Patrick's Day was blue? I sure like green a lot better. You can read more here. I love that they dye the Chicago River green and that they put dye in the White House's fountains.

St. Patrick's Day reminds me of another favorite of mine. From the first time I have ever tasted them they have been my favorite cereal. And I wish I was eating a bowl of them right now.

Lucky Charms!

Back in my day, there only used to be "pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers and blue diamonds." They introduced purple horseshoes when I was a kid. Back then that was a lot of marshmallows but now they have a ton of them. What is up with blue moons? I want the originals back!

I have tried the Marshmallow Mateys the cheap brand and they do not compare to the original. And for good reason, they're magically delicious.

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  1. See, I ruined St. Patricks day. We didn't even have Lucky Charms.