Mar 7, 2010

Sunday Confessional: Trailer Trash

Day 127

I have not done a Sunday Confessional for a long time. I am not counting the last one that was posted since that was when Kristy blognapped my blog. In all honesty she did do a pretty good job.

I lived in a trailer.

When Kristy and I were to be married we had to decide where we should live. We both wanted to live either on campus (we were both attending Utah State University) or close by it. My mom suggested that we purchase a trailer from the USU Trailer Park. My mom had five good reasons.

1) It was cheap.

2) It was on campus.

3) She knew someone that was selling one.

4) It would look good on our credit.

5) Deep down inside she always wanted to live in one.

Kristy's sister was living in a nice trailer so I was not opposed to living in one. We had enough money and I was making barely enough to cover the monthly pad and loan bill. My mom called her friend (it was her daughter's trailer) and we went and saw it. The only thing that I remember was how SMALL it was. But it was cute and it fit all the reasons above so we bought it and moved in after we were married.

Here is the outside of our trailer. We lived on the each of a block so we really only had one neighbor. The porch was awesome and was almost bigger than our living room.

This is the front of the trailer so now you get an idea of how wide it was. *Sigh* Such simpler times. Don't we look so young?

It was so small (how small was it?) it was so small that our double-sized bed took up 88% of our bedroom. In fact when we put our bed in that bedroom, we had to bend the walls to squeeze it through!

This is a picture of our kitchen taken from our living room.

This is a picture of our living room taken from our kitchen.

Both of those pictures were taken from the exact same spot.

That was our hallway. Behind me was our larger bedroom which we used as our computer room. I am standing right beside the entrance to our bathroom and the dark shadow on the right was our bedroom. It didn't have a door so we bought some beads instead.

Sadly, just a few weeks after we had redecorated it to our liking, Kristy got her first teaching job at South Hills Middle School down south and we had to sell our first home. Selling it was a horrible experience. We still had to pay for our pad fees even though we were not living there. And USU sent us a letter threatening to evict us if we couldn't prove that we were students at USU. Of course we weren't current students! We were not even living there! Finally we found someone to purchase our trailer and we made the deal at a McDonalds. How trailer trash did that sound?

I'll drive by the old trailer every once in a while. I really liked living there, I had some good neighbors and it was a great experience. I remember one time the wind was blowing so hard that you could feel it through the trailer. The wind would gust and our walls would move. Interestingly enough, I learned that during a terrible wind storm over thirty years ago, the trailer that was in my spot (#130) tipped over during a wind storm.

Another time our pipes froze. I sent Kristy to Lynn and Roger's to sleep and I called my dad and we hooked up an extension cord and a blow dryer and cradled it under a wooden box so the pipes would thaw out. We went and got some awesome hot chocolate and waited all through the night for the pipes to unthaw.

Good times.

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  1. 10 feet by 45 feet. We couldn't even fit Logan's toys in that now.