Mar 31, 2010

Logan and the Magical Poo

Day 151

Sure sounds like some sort of children's book about potty training right? It isn't, it was just one of those gross things your kids do. It is hard to explain it but I think anyone that is a parent or have taken care of children can understand. Just when you think you have seen it all, just when you think you have handled it all, your kid throws you a curve ball.

Let me set up the scene. Logan was about a year old and it was lunchtime. He was in a diaper, wearing long pants with socks and was sitting in his high chair eating lunch.

Suddenly, Kristy got a whiff of poo and thought maybe Logan had pooped his pants. She leaned in and checked his diaper and could not see or smell anything. But for some reason he still stunk.

Then she looked down on the floor and found what couldn't be poo but it looked and smelled like it. On closer inspection, sure enough, it was poo. And a magical one in that.

Somehow, Logan had pooped out of his diaper, through his long pants and on to the floor while sitting (I said sitting people!) in his high chair! And when we changed his diaper there was no sign of it. It was like it magically appeared from thin air!

It is a pretty neat trick and one that I am glad Logan has not repeated since.


  1. Do I see the "stink" eye? Hahahahahahahha...

  2. Well, know what they say: "Magical Crap Happens!"
    Very funny story!