Mar 16, 2010

Star Wars Kid

Day 136

I was one of the lucky ones that saw Star Wars when it first came out in the theaters back in 1977. I was only 3 years old but I LOVED it. Of course, what kid that did see it didn't love it?

I have been a Star Wars fan all my life. While the original trilogy is still by far the best, I can appreciate the newer prequel trilogy. But I am not here to debate that.

I was so excited when I became a parent because then I can share Star Wars with my kids. Logan has certainly taken a shining to it; just like I did as a kid. He has his own lightsaber, Lego toys, action figures and video games. In fact when Kristy became pregnant with Logan we bought him Star Wars toys not even knowing (or caring) if our baby was going to be a boy or a girl.

Logan is just like his dad; we both LOVE Star Wars.

And sometimes Logan plays around with his lightsaber and Snuggie cloak like the Star Wars Kid.

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  1. I love the picture of you with the Boba Fett poster! Awesome!! And that is so awesome that Logan is a fan of Star Wars--Another generation to appreciate the superb, spectacular, sensational sci-fi movie experience known as STAR WARS!!