Mar 14, 2010

March Day(s) of Reckoning Part I

Day 134

Uh oh.

For whom the bell tolls?

It is that time of the month already and I have had a tough week with my goals. So let's just get down to it.


Nada. Nothing. I have not done any writing at all. Ugh, that is not good. So the goal for the next two weeks is finish off my chapter on Deacon and find some chapter breaks.


Nothing. Nada. I have not done any reading either. I have been a bad boy. But the good news is that I will have some new reading material soon. I will order a book I have wanted to read since it came out this week (I'll talk about it during next week's Sunday Confessional) and another book should be here Monday/Tuesday. I am still planning on reading Warren Ellis's Crooked Little Vein and finishing Veeps but I am more excited for my new book Comic Creators on Spider-Man.

Yes, I am a geek. This is a set of interviews of some of Spider-Man's creative teams (writers/artists) and they reveal some of what went on behind the scenes. I have read the X-Men one and found that one to be a lot of fun.

Exercise and Eating Right
This is the only goal that I have been doing okay on the last two weeks. I exercised most of the days, only missing one or two sessions. I am .4 pounds off my goal. I have been a little more careful in what I am eating. Except for yesterday, I splurged and ate a ton of candy.

I have not done any of my other goals. But I am hoping I will have some time this week to do them. I plan on doing some drawing while watching Lost each week.

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  1. Hope you splurging on candy means you are feeling better?!?! Hope so!