Mar 11, 2010

U-Hauling the Wrong Way

Day 131

About six years ago, Kristy and I decided to move back to Logan. Kristy wanted to stay home to raise Logan and so she quit her teaching job at South Hills Middle School and we headed back up to Logan where my family is.

We found a fantastic apartment (which we are still living in) and we packed up our old apartment into a large U-Haul truck and headed north. Kristy and Logan left about an hour ahead of me and then I took off. I decided to take I-215 instead of I-15 because I didn't want to drive with a lot of traffic and road construction. That was a mistake and what could have been a MAJOR mistake.

I was not used to driving I-215 at all, I prefer to take I-15 and go straight to Logan. I-215 actually leads directly to the Salt Lake City Airport. I got a little confused and I missed my exit to I-15 and I drove straight to the airport. No big deal right?

That doesn't sound to terrible but let me remind you that this was only a year or so after 9/11. And here I am, driving a large truck into the airport, a truck similar to the one that blew up that building in Oklahoma City. So I started to panic a bit. I looked for any possible place to turn around but there was nothing, I could have gone into a parking lot but I didn't feel that was the best decision (not like my decisions so far have been good) so I decided to go through the passenger pickup and drive right around without stopping or slowing down. I sure got a lot of strange looks going around but I kept going. Suddenly I looked in my side mirror and saw a bright yellow airport security car following me close behind. Oh crap, I am going to get pulled over and have all my belongings checked out and confiscated. I kept in the same outer lane and waited because I knew I was going to be pulled over. That picture is an actual picture of the Salt Lake Airport. Now just imagine a complete jackass driving his U-Haul in the outer lane in that picture.

Luckily for me, it never happened. Thankfully they let me through and I continued on my way and took the right exit and headed to Logan safely. I felt like a complete doofus.


  1. I loved this post!!! Reminded me of a funny story about Daniel getting questioned in the Oklahoma City bombing... don't worry- he wasn't involved.

  2. That's funny! I can't believe I never heard that story!