Mar 5, 2010

List-Mania: What's in your iTunes?

Day 125

Another Friday, another List-Mania!

A few years ago I joined the Joe Quesada message board under the name argent28. Quesada was a comic book artist and also Editor-in-Chief for Marvel Comics. I was a member for years and made a lot of good friends and did some Q&A's for Joe himself and also Marvel's Trades Department. Of course there were some that liked to poop on the parade but I still had a great time there. Unfortunately that place closed down but a few of us made a new home called the Bad Genious. And I have been there since and I am very good friends with the small group of people there. In fact, that is how I met my fellow blogger Sarah.

One of the cool things that we did on the Quesada boards and also on the BG boards is we had a music club. The rules were simple. You made a mixtape (CD) of music you like and you mail it to anyone that signed up and you would do this each month. So each month I would get a CD of new music. And one of those months it would be my turn to send out a CD.

I recieved about 30 of them. Each CD was a lot of fun to listen to because it gave me an opportunity to not only get new music but also to get to know that person a little bit more. Get a peek inside of what makes them tick. But what I didn't expect was to find a gem off of almost every CD I got. Some of the CD's, well, they weren't my cup of tea but most of them I got a kick out of at least one of the songs.

So here are 7 songs that I got from these CD clubs that get the most play on my iPod.

Propane Nightmares by Pendulum
This is a relatively new-comer on my iPod but one that has gotten tons of plays. I got this from my friend Tim over in England. It was so good that I went and got the album that this song comes off of and I was disappointed. I love songs that have a good beat and tons of bass. This really makes me want to run.

Electric Worry by Clutch
From the moment I heard this song I loved it. In fact, Liana guaranteed that I would love this song and she was right. It has a real Southern rock feel to it. And I love hearing harmonicas rock out. Very catchy tune.

Breathe Me by Sia
Another song that I have not had long but has gotten a ton of plays. Her rough yet soft voice just sings right into my mind. This is one of the few songs that I have to stop and listen to, I cannot have it playing in the background. And I am a fan of pianos in songs. I got this from my friend Tyler in Seattle. You can see this video here: YouTube will not let me embed it.

Common People by William Shatner
I know what you are thinking. William Shatner? I thought the same thing until I listened to the song. This is a fantastic cover of the Pulp's awesome song. But Shatner really takes this song to a different level. Yes, Shatner rocks this song. I got this song from Rory from New York. You can see his awesome New Jersey Nets blog 'Slippery When Nets' here.

So Not Over by Big Sugar
Just quirky enough for me to really dig it. Just a fun and silly song. I couldn't get this one out of my head the first time I heard it. I got this song from fellow Edmontonian Jon. I could only find the live version on YouTube.

Perfect by The Lightning Seeds
I have three or four CD's from Sarah and we match a lot. She likes cheesy 80's music and so do I. So instead of liking one or two songs, usually I like the whole thing. There is just something about this song that makes me look at life positively and with hopeful eyes. Not really sure what hits me with this song but I love it. There is this river trial that I used to walk/run after work during the summer times and I would listen to this song. It totally takes me back to those days.

The Devil's Plaything by Backworld
I'm not sure where I got this song. I want to say it was from Yassir in England but I am not positive. At first I disliked this song because it was just weird. But the more I listened to it the more addicted I got to it. It is a strange haunting song that is almost magical.

I have no idea what the videos are like. I am sure you can just search for most of them on iTunes.

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  1. I like Electric Worry. Is it on my ipod?