Mar 30, 2010

Egging it Up

Day 150!

Last night was Family Home Evening. For those that do not know what this is, we are taught in our church to spend Monday nights with our family doing an activity, a lesson and to find out what the family is doing. Logan wanted Grandma Platis to attend so we called her up and she joined us.

We had a fantastic dinner (which I will have to blog about later) and had a nice lesson taught by Logan. Then for our activity we colored and dyed Easter eggs. We tried these new color tablets that promised vivid colors and I have to admit I was really surprised. They really were pretty colorful.

We have colored eggs with Logan before (and Grandma Platis as well) and we have always enjoyed this activity. One of my favorite pictures of Logan and I was when we were coloring eggs.

This picture is a couple years old but I love it for some reason.

Grandma and Logan hard at work. Grandma Platis initially said she would just watch but she ended up coloring eggs anyway.

Happy Logan with a nice blue egg.

Logan apparently didn't want me to eat his egg.

Logan thought the coloring looked like Kool-Aid. I had to stop him from drinking it.

Logan did this cool one too.

This was my last egg. It had a very nice forest green color to it. Yeah, I am pretty proud of it.

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