Mar 15, 2010

Matt at Work: The Madden Tournament

Day 135

One of the cool things about my last employment was that they allowed us to have huge Halo parties at the office. They usually would supply some pizza as well but we could stay at the office for as long as we wanted playing games.

I am not a Halo guy at all. I played it once there and the only time I scored a kill was when I killed my own guy. Most of the time I was just killed as soon as I materialized back into the game.

So my friend Zack decided to do a Madden Party. Both him and I were huge into the Madden football games and he thought it would be fun to have a tournament with a cash prize. We got a few others to participate and donate five bucks. Zack thought he was going to win so he donated about $25 to the pot to generate interest.
I love Madden. I have played Madden since the 90's. I have owned a copy of Madden almost every year and I am pretty good at it. I was excited about the prospect of being the office champion. So one Friday night we all went back to the office, brought in some extra televisions and played Madden.

And I owned. The first tech was no match for me. When I got to play the second tech Tarren, we decided to even things up. I was a PS2 owner and he was an XBox guy. So we played a half on mine and a half on his. And I still killed him while playing on the XBox.

Zack got upset by another player who loved Madden as much as we did. Honestly though, he got lucky. But the championship was set, it was me versus Will. Will is not a bad player at all. In fact he is pretty good at identifying plays and countering with his defense. We were both the same team, the Buffalo Bills and I gave him the home field. I jumped out to an early lead and I was able to move up and down the field with ease. I had a good sized lead (I think it was about 24-0) but he started to notice my offense and was able to slow me down. At half time it was a lot closer than I wanted. It was 28-14 all through the 3rd quarter. At the start of the 4th quarter I thought I was in trouble. He was close to scoring and I had not been able to stop him. He scored a touchdown and brought the game within a touchdown and he was ecstatic.

But then I got the ball and I decided to go for a big play. And it ended up bigger than I thought it would turn out to be. My wide receiver was so open I couldn't believe it. I tossed him the ball and he scored the touchdown and I was back up by 14. And Will decided he could take no more. He got up suddenly, rattled off a few choice words under his breath and tossed the controller to the floor! He looked at me, giving me the evil eye and stormed out of the office. We could hear him stomp down the stairs and then we heard his car squeal out of the parking lot! I was glad to hear the squeal of his tires, at least that told me he was gone. I thought for sure he was going to wait for me to beat me up! So I pocketed the $50 proudly and carefully went home.

And that was the last Madden Tournament we had.

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