Mar 26, 2010

List-Mania: Lost Treats

Day 146

Kristy and I pigged out on treats last weekend and now we are banning ourselves for treats until Easter.

Now that I can't have them I want them like nothing else. So I daydream about treats and I remembered fondly some of my favorite treats as a youth. So here are 5 treats that I miss from childhood.

5) Soap Candies
Sometimes these are known as Floral Candies but I will always call them Soap Candies. They were heavily perfumed and horribly addicting. My friend Tammy and I would always buy some at the Bay Store in Canada and eat them in class. My teacher hated us eating them since it would stink up the class. I remember that the yellow ones were the worst and my favorites were the green and purple ones.

4) Wild Cherry Gatorade
I know, I know, the picture is of the Tiger Woods Lime Gatorade. But that is going bye-bye too and I couldn't find one of the Wild Cherry variety. This was the best tasting flavor but my mom and I could only find it in the squirt bottles. I love Gatorade and can drink it anytime and was sad when they discontinued this.

3) Choco-Bliss
This totally takes me back to Middle School. I used to buy this all the time at the bookstore. It was like one of Hostess's Cupcakes and a Zinger in one. The icing on the top was the best. I used to separate the two cakes and eat the bottom one first and save the top one for last. Nothing out there quite compares to this fantastic cake.

2) Chews
I used to buy these for 10 cents a pack at the local Mac's stores. They would come in a variety of flavors like banana, orange, grape and cherry. Sometimes they would have special flavors like blueberry as well. They were hard pieces of gum and no two pieces were alike. They ranged in flavor from extremely sour (my jowls hurt just thinking about it) to light mint. They were so tasty and you never knew how it was going to taste until you ate one. You could tell the ones that were really sour if the piece looked like it was falling apart. I totally miss these gums.

1) Lime Crush
This was my favorite soda all growing up. It was not like Sprite or other Lemon-Lime sodas, this was totally lime. It had a rich Lime flavor that tasted sour crossed with a green Lifesaver. Sadly, this is only available in Canada and even sadder then that it has been discontinued. If I could find the stuff, I would order me a case. Sadly, the closest thing that I have found that tastes like it is Tiger Wood's Lime Gatorade. GRRRRRRR!

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  1. Just reading about the "Chews" made the sides of my mouth pucker! I miss them although I wonder if I could still eat them like I used to.